Birth Control Causing Growing Moral Discomfort

Simon Laroche_8 Compfight CC
Simon Laroche_8 Compfight CC

Jessica Wilson got married five months before she graduated from an evangelical college in 2010. Because she believed that sex is reserved for marriage, it wasn’t much earlier that she had started thinking about what kind of birth control to use. No one in her family or her church had ever questioned the idea of contraception, but they hadn’t taught her much about it, either.

Eventually she came upon the writings of Randy Alcorn, an author and activist who promotes the idea that hormonal birth control, like the pill and some intrauterine devices, sometimes works as an abortifacient by preventing the implantation of a fertilized egg. Alarmed, she decided she couldn’t take that risk, especially since she had already heard horror stories from friends who said the pill made them gain weight, diminished their sex drive or caused depression… when she got married she used a diaphragm with spermicide when she thought she was ovulating. All three of her pregnancies, including those that resulted in a son and daughter born 15 months apart, were unplanned, but she says she has no regrets.

“I have seen a lot of people [questioning] the idea in our culture that couples deserve to have five years of freedom before they have kids or this unwritten code that all Americans should have two boys and a girl and then they’re done,” she said. “Why are we buying this idea that we shouldn’t have kids?”

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4 thoughts on “Birth Control Causing Growing Moral Discomfort

  1. I pray that all Christian women come to understand that it is a sin to use contraception of any kind and that all Christian couples find the faith to leave “family planning” to God.


  2. My view is that it is wrong in all circumstances for a Christian woman to practice contraception of any kind or take any steps to deliberately avoid conception.

    In those circumstances a Godly husband should abstain either periodically (NFP) or permanently. But that is his decision as head of the family under God. For our part as wives we should submit to and trust in God.


  3. Sorry just to add, if her husband chooses to use contraception or insists that his wife does so, then she should normally submit to his wishes. The exception being the use of potentially abortive methods which would constitute a sin greater than that of disobedience to her husband.


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