The Tragedy of the Sexual Revolution

chprego[Editor’s Note: An article from 2004 but as applicable today as ever. I would point out that it is not futile to argue. If the author really believed that he would not have finished writing the article. The advances that we’ve seen by the Pro-life movement are great examples of arguing the point and seeing fruit. Be willing to give an answer.]

What is lost is the notion that sin is something that harms us. The God-given moral law is something that warns us of danger. I like to think of the Ten Commandments as the “owner’s manual” for our lives, and the road map of Reality the Reality created by God.

The “Sexual Revolution” with its contraception and abortion has not liberated women at all, but enslaved them to chemicals that distort the natural functions of their bodies and grisly surgical procedures that can leave them scarred for life both physically and emotionally.

It has also eviscerated relations between the sexes leaving genuine romance and true love seem like an impossible dream for many lonely people.

A man of character will marry a women he truly loves without pushing her into bed. He will care for her without blackmailing her into sex with the threat of loneliness.

What kind of “feminism” believes women can only be equal to men by attacking the uniqueness and life-giving faculties of their own bodies, either with chemical birth control, or devices that look like they belong in a chamber of horrors museum, or the great violence of abortion.

The Sexual Revolution has gone a long way to destroying true love, romance and driving a wedge between the sexes. When Jesus spoke of the future saying “Through the increase of evil, the love of many will grow cold” (Matt. 24:12) I wonder if He was thinking of our times.

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