Feminism is Bad for Your Heart Health


[Editor’s Note: Anything that is bad for you will not end well. Defying common sense is not the highest of human attributes though many try to prove otherwise. Feminism will cause it’s own extinction. i.e. Feminism gave us birth control, singleness, a putrid sexual ethic, a self-satisfying power grab, statist substitutionary motherhood and dependency. Birth control gave us cancer and declining populations, immorality, marital instability. Singleness gave us, narcissism, a individualized political ethic, declining family values, massive college debt, detachment from generational establishment of property and economic stability. Sexual liberation has given us a demoralized population, disease, abuse, orphans, further objectification of women by compromising bio-ethical practices. Empowerment has given us an array of sordid victimization and entitlement issues compromising law, and usurping family, church, and state. And so on, and so on….

Feminism will cause it’s own death. Don’t be a part of the death toll.]

Marriage protects men and women from fatal heart attacks. Indeed, even among individuals who do suffer a heart attack, men and women are more likely to survive if they are married than if they are not. The relationship between marital status and fatal heart attacks receives illuminating attention in two European studies: one by researchers at the University of Stirling and University College London in Great Britain, and a second by researchers at Skåne University in Sweden. The British study measures the degree of protection from fatal heart attacks enjoyed by married men and women and tries to account for that protection. The Swedish study scrutinizes the distinctively high survival rates among married men and women who do suffer a heart attack.

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