Love Letters: George Washington to his Wife



Like her husband, Martha’s letters also mention divine Providence. Writing to Mercy Otis Warren from Valley Forge on March 7, 1778, she says, “…indeed I think providence was very bountiful in her goodness to your state….would bountiful providence aim a like stroke at Genl Howe, the measure of my happiness would be complete.”

Writing to Mrs. Elizabeth Powel on January 18th, 1788, Martha said, “She is blessed however with a charming family of children, and providence has been bountiful in giving her resolution and strength of Body and mind to be  able to undertake the care that have developed upon her.”

By Washington’s own testimony, throughout his life, he was a happily married man. On September 20, 1759, he wrote, “I am now I believe fixed at this seat [Mount Vernon] with an agreeable Consort [Mrs. Martha Washington] for Life and hope to find more happiness in retirement [from service in the British Army at the end of the French and Indian War] than I ever experienced amidst a wide and bustling World.”

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