Super Women vs Superwoman

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cafemama Compfight CC

[Editor’s note: There will always be women who strive to succeed at the highest level. That is why it is important that we understand the jurisdiction God gave women and all the things within that jurisdiction that she can put her hand to, excel, and prosper at. Ask yourself, “Who are the real producers?” Much of the feminist ambition is achieved by truncating, cutting back, killing, taxing, borrowing, etc. Stay-at-home wives and mothers produce and have something to show for their work when they’re done. They’re truly fruitful. More people through child bearing, better education through the work they do with home education, christian discipleship in the homes creating a people group with sound moral ethics, established debt-free home economies, home-businesses, cultural discipleship through church and community involvement relieving the burden of the state welfare systems, etc.

Also, what is ‘flashy’ exactly? Flashy is pride not a fruit of the spirit, or a christian virtue, flashy is nothing and you can’t build with nothing.]

An article published in The Daily Mail today laments that women increasingly base their self-worth on the success of their working lives, labelling this a “toxic legacy of the feminist Superwoman“.  It asks the question: “Career women insist feminism means ALL women having jobs, but could that belief blight the lives of mothers – and their children?“.

It is a question worth asking.  How much must women do to realize their true worth and live great lives?  Even government policy is so often now pointed towards encouraging women back into work, increasing economic ‘productivity’ (forgetting, perhaps, that a working age, tax paying population is a direct result of mothers bringing up children and stable family life), and making regular counts of the numbers of women in top corporate and government positions to show how far we have come.

All this makes it easy for women to feel that they are not doing something truly important unless they also have some sort of career.  So much is expected of women today. There is no question that this is one of the reasons that countries across the world are seeing dramatic and worrying drops in fertility rates.

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