Consent is Not Enough

European Parliament Compfight CC
European Parliament Compfight CC

Consent is not enough. It is not enough to justify BDSM or any other exploitative sexual practice. Consent is too flimsy a foundation for Ana Steele to justify the destructive things that are done to her by Christian Grey in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” For this reason I consider “Fifty Shades” to be grossly sexually destructive – especially of women – and I am boycotting the film.

“As long as he or she is consenting, it’s OK.” No it’s not, because people consent all the time to practices that they know are destructive and this doesn’t make such practices right. First, people can be pressured by their culture or their peers into things that they know are harmful to them.

Maybe the cultural or social pressure is not overt…But humans have a powerful desire to be accepted. Countless times when we think that our peers or our cultural surroundings are not accepting us, we voluntarily change our behaviors in order to fit in. We are very good at voluntarily doing what’s popular even when no one else is explicitly pushing us to do it. The need for acceptance is enough to compel us, on our own, to do things that we know will harm our souls or bodies in the long run.

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