Contraception and Cancer

kendrak Compfight CC
kendrak Compfight CC

The News Story – Why you’re still paying for birth control even though it’s “free” now

Susie Poppick writes for TIME this week about her near-miss at having to fork over a $50 copay for her birth control.

“Strange,” she thought, since she was sure that “preventative” health services like contraception were supposed to be free under the Affordable Care Act. She promptly went home, got on the phone with her insurance provider, and was told that only generic medications were free. The problem is, her particular brand didn’t have a generic yet. She dug a little deeper, and she was quickly told that all she had to do was to tell her physician to call her pharmacy and assure them that she needed this brand.

Poppick cautions women against being taken in, and writes that “Many women—and their insurance representatives, doctors, and pharmacists—aren’t on the same page about whether their particular contraception should have a copay or not.” The best thing for women to do is to educate themselves, and soon, such obstacles will be taken care of.

But recent research suggests that journalists like Ms. Poppick should spend less time on getting free birth control, and more time on educating themselves and others on the deadly risks posed by hormonal contraception.

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