Sociologist Becomes Stay-At-Home Mom

Harsha K R Compfight CC
Harsha K R Compfight CC

[Editor’s Note: Grateful for this article. If we prepare ourselves for being keepers of our homes and families we’ll have the opportunity to disciple and educate our children as well. Much of what we regularly outsource can be done by us. Outsourcing our labors can also be turned into home businesses and family economies where children will learn a business and work ethic along side you and surprisingly, they’ll love it in place of hours, days, and weeks on end of being entertained and engaging in fruitless activities.]

Firstly, we need for mothers to recognize the value that the work of the home has and its impact. We need to value the little things that we do each day in the home, and do them out of love, with a spirit of service, thinking of others, of our loved ones and our society. Too often we attribute more value to formal, well-paid work as recognized by society, and we forget the true worth of the little acts that we carry out in the comfort of our homes.

Secondly, we need to recognize the value of our role as parents. We need to dedicate time everyday to doing things better. It is worth it to invest in our family.

The home is where the child learns to be a person, to socialize with those around them and with society. It is in the home where values are learned, where children learn to be independent and responsible, and where their basic needs are met. Our children are the adults of the society of the future.

This is where we can start building a better society. It is the cradle of society, where people learn, internalize values and acquire customs and habits.

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