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anastasia r Compfight CC
anastasia r Compfight CC

In this message, Scott Brown reveals some important matters that single Christians need to consider as they navigate the sometimes difficult waters of singleness. First, he begins by speaking of the times we live and the questions and problems that modern single living presents. Second, he identifies important matters of the culture you build in your church that are either a blessing or harmful to singles. Third, he speaks of the kind of preparations that singles need to make to get themselves ready for marriage. Fourth, he explains some of the critical things that Jesus spoke on singleness. Finally, he reveals the most important matter for understanding the single years – the sovereignty of God.

via Correct thinking about singleness –

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One thought on “Correct thinking about singleness –

  1. As a single, I can say: generally, not a bad listen, although neither he nor his children have had to walk this path for themselves (this does matter) and on occasion he does come across as what Brits would call a “smug married”. If I might comment further:

    * In talking about nurturing a better ‘culture of relationships’, he needs to talk specifically to singles whose situations do not admit of easy solutions. For example, we don’t want to address the situation of the single men whose (appropriate) expressions of interest are consistently rebuffed, or the single women who conduct themselves appropriately and who don’t get any attention at all.

    * In wanting to encourage people to marry, that is very good, but it must be done in a way that does not leave the singles in a church feeling, and being, so isolated. Scott makes something very like this point.

    As usual, comments/criticisms welcome.


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