Review: The Monstrous Regiment of Women

In their documentary,  The Monstrous Regiment of Women, Colin and Emily Gunn have produced an incredible, well-researched, articulate, and powerful expose’ of feminism, its agenda, and its far-reaching, destructive influence on society. They do not just dwell on the negative, however, but give hope by standing firmly on God’s Holy Word and revealing His high esteem of, and plan for, women.

The Gunns do a masterful job of contrasting the ugly truth behind feminism and the havoc it wreaks, with the truth of Biblical womanhood and the joy and beauty that comes from living a life according to the standards set forth in Scripture. The stark difference between feminism (truly another word for self-worship) and Biblical womanhood is stunning.

The cast includes many godly, intelligent, and influential women who are outspoken defenders of Biblical womanhood and lovely examples of the truth of Scripture and lives lived in joyful obedience to the Lord.

Although we were fairly familiar with feminism, its history and agenda, we had our eyes opened all over again and learned even more. We were appalled at the deliberate strategies, carefully planned efforts, and absolute, complete selfishness of this movement.

We would highly recommend this film to every Christian. I would especially encourage fellow believers who are critical of the film (especially those who consider themselves Christan feminists or egalitarians) to prayerfully and carefully watch it with a willingness to truly view it through the lens of Scripture. You might be very surprised at what you find. While you might not agree with all the feminist agendas (and might be appalled at much of it), you may discover that egalitarianism bears many similarities in a diluted form. It is always profitable to re-examine one’s beliefs in the light of Scripture.

When one begins to understand the huge role feminism has played in seeking to destroy the traditional, Biblical family unit, homemakers, manhood, parental authority, morality, marriage, the innocence of children, and – most horrifying of all – children themselves, one realizes that “monstrous” is an excellent and accurate description of this group and its reign of terror.

[Note: One caveat: Take the Gunns at their word of warning at the beginning of the film and do not allow your younger children to view it. (I would keep the film on a high shelf.) There is heartbreaking footage of aborted babies (including video footage) that would be far too much for children to handle. I could not watch it myself. What I did see left me freshly reeling and grieved to the core over the horror of abortion. That one scene best sums up the monstrosities of the feminist movement. This would be an excellent film for crisis pregnancy centers to have on hand.]

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3 thoughts on “Review: The Monstrous Regiment of Women

  1. I’d also like to recommend the Gunn Brothers’ other film, a superior piece about anti-Christianity in San Francisco and the importance of keeping the frenetic homosexuality (and potential homo-marriage) at bay. It’s called “Shaky Town” and strangely isn’t mentioned nearly as much as this film.


  2. Ok, I really don’t agree with a lot of their points, but I finally watched the whole thing and I DO like most of it! Very good indeed.


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