I Learned A Lot in Public School


By Kelly Crawford at Generation Cedar

I actually learned a lot in my conservative, small-town public school where virtually every well-intentioned teacher, as far as I knew, as well as the principal, was a self-proclaimed Christian. We still had devotions over the intercom and Teens for Christ meetings in the morning.

I graduated a smiling Homecoming Queen, a cheerleader, with an Advanced diploma, a college scholarship and a semester of college already finished. Andcompletely, utterly, broken. But I learned things.

In my sociology class in the 10th grade, I learned about the relative value of human life in a project where we were given a disaster/survival scenario and had to choose who got to live. Would it be the 24 year old doctor, or the 87 year old grandmother? That’s literally the only thing I remember about my sociology class.

In my Home Economics class in the ninth grade I learned about birth control. Because everyone knows it would be silly to teach 14 year olds that sex before marriage is wrong. I did not learn to sew.

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