The Inspiring Testimony of Women’s Hope

Overwhelmed by the seeming iron grasp the pro-choice community has on our society? Here’s a testimony to the work and ministry being offered to women in Auburn, Alabama through Women’s Hope Medical Clinic.

Some were abused, some threaten with abortion and abandonment, others neglected, but in spite of it all, Women’s Hope is changing lives. As the pro-choice community wages war politically, WHMC is proving our greatest hope for undermining their attack on the unborn is Jesus Christ. 

11065525_410131615814532_2050915045_occcccWe found out about Women’s Hope from Jeri Beth Hardy, a friend of Beautiful Womanhood and Christian home school daughter. Jeri Beth has set up a fundraiser to coincide with the Walk The Walk campaign scheduled for April 11th, 2015, hoping others will join her. We’d love for you to be a part of this campaign and help women turn their lives around. This is an excellent opportunity to do something positive to affect a change in someone’s life and perhaps save a life. Consider donating to Women’s hope.

A bit about their vision for the future from their 20/20 vision page:

Today, the pro-life community has plenty of reasons to be discouraged. The cultural climate appears to have turned against the sanctity of life. In the political realm it seems that Roe v. Wade, now in place for an entire generation, will remain the law of the land for the foreseeable future.

God works at the right time

Yet, at Women’s Hope Medical Clinic we are convinced of this truth: God often performs His mightiest works in the days when the odds against success are greatest.

We see this truth play out throughout Scripture. God took an enslaved people, the Israelites, and led them out of Egypt, one of the great political powers of the day.

Countless battles were won by this people in the most unlikely ways. For instance, God’s directive to march around the city of Jericho led to its conquering.

God used a little ruddy boy, David, and used him to slay a giant.

And God took a cup-bearer, Nehemiah, and gave him the courage and the leadership to rebuild the Wall of Jerusalem to its former glory. In the process, God used this wall-building effort to return the people to their faith.

At Women’s Hope, we believe the timing is right for God to move once again; here in East Alabama as He moves across this country. Perhaps now, when all seems stacked against us, it is time for the Body of Christ to build a modern-day Wall of Hope, for those facing unplanned pregnancies and for their children, wanting an opportunity to join the rest of us in this fascinating journey called life.

Ushering in a new culture . . . of life

In the next 7 years we look to build this Wall of Hope, even in the midst of the challenges we face. As we do so, we are trusting God to accomplish, through this ministry, three powerful purposes:

1. Make Women’s Hope Medical Clinic the first choice for women and men facing unplanned pregnancies to see more abortion vulnerable men and women.

2. Expand our services and our outreach so that each and every baby whose parent comes in our door no longer sees abortion as a viable option to give each a chance at life.

3. Build two-parent families with strong fathers as followers of Jesus Christ and create a new culture of life in East Alabama.

Yes, now is the time for hope. We look forward to your joining us in this great endeavor. Just as the apostles were accused in Acts 17:6 of turning the “world upside down”, together, we are about to literally turn our culture upside down.

Read the rest of their vision statement here.

Here are a few statistics Jeri Beth shared with us. In 2014, 128 women considering abortion chose life after seeing their babies via ultrasound at Women’s Hope, 9 out of 10 clients who receive an ultrasound at Women’s hope choose life, and since Women’s Hope opened it’s doors, the abortion rate in Lee county, Alabama has dropped 55%.

Get your tissues out for this next one.

“Women’s Hope just loved on me, and supported me, and shared the gospel with me, and that I needed more than anything; hearing that there was such a thing as a loving God. And I think when I was pregnant, God just took a hold of my heart. The emotional support I felt here was beyond belief. I never [before] had anyone just sit down with me and ask how I was feeling and just pray for me and pray for my child. I felt unreal to get that type of support from complete strangers.”

Be sure to like and share the WHMC facebook page so others may know and be inspired to good works by what is being done here. If a donation isn’t something you can do right now, consider sharing this post with others who may be able to help. Visit Jeri Beth’s fundraising page here or donate direct to Women’s Hope by visiting their donation page.

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