Feminism Must Be Banished to Save the Family


Diane Core, NY

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY support Erin Pizzey’s views on how feminism is undermining family life (Mail). <–Link Warning, Mature Readers Only, Explicit sidebar, I was one of the people (who went with Erin (who opened the world’s first refuge for battered women) when we confronted the feminists in the Chiswick Refuge for the first time. We were hit by a hissing, Doc Martin-booted, crew-cutted gang who had totally neglected their femininity. It was frightening. I certainly saw the writing on the wall: men would no longer know what their true role was in the family. Now — many years later– it has come true.

Men don’t know where they stand in the scheme of things, particularly when they are in a family.

Things got so bad that some refuges wouldn’t even take in male children, and girls grew up believing that all men were bad. The knock-on effect has completely undermined the whole loving balanced view of family life. Men are faced with bolshie women who don’t believe they should have to cook clean or contribute to life at home in any way.

All I can see is feminism is ugliness–the sooner it stops, the better. Let’s bring back the gentle, loving, pretty female who is proud to be a woman.

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