Barbi has gone from being a bad influence to endangering family privacy.


Presenter: Barbi What should I be when I grow up?

Barbi: Well, you told me you like to be on stage so how about a dancer? Or a politician? Or how about a dancing politician!

[Editor’s Note: Or how about a wife and a mother and pursuing the calling God has on your life?

Obvious concerns are privacy and exploitation for monetary reasons. Once Mattel has the cloud full of conversations and transcripts to go with them, there is the danger of the transcripts being of interest to government agencies like CPS etc. or hackers. We’ve seen enough of the instability of internet security already along with warrant-less searches.

And then there is the fact that children love to live in their imaginary world but how much is too much? Public education already greatly hinders a child’s social skill set by quarantining them with their peers all day. What will happen to children who grow up with robots as friends? The millennial generation already has a bad reputation in the work force for being disconnected, emotional, unaccountable and impossible to work with.

And still other concerns revolve round what exactly will Barbi be teaching our daughters? What sort of opinions does she bring to the table? We already don’t like her sexualized supermodel image, and bent for vain pursuits. Add a valley girl voice to Barbi and you have new age feminism indoctrinating your daughters at the youngest of ages.]

Mattel’s new talking “Hello Barbie” doll is able to listen and respond to children thanks to speech recognition. But one consumer advocacy group says that Mattel should ditch the“creepy” toy before it hits shelves this fall.

Fox 6 Now reported that “Hello Barbie” uses speech recognition and connects to Wi-Fi. When someone presses a button on her belt buckle, Barbie will record what you say and send it it up to the cloud. It’s saved, so Barbie keeps learning more and more about you, in order to inform her responses.

Associate Director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Josh Golin said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” that when kids are talking to “Hello Barbie,” they’re not just talking to a doll, they’re talking to a corporation whose only interest in the child is financial.

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