Sproul: Birth Control is Baby Control

Shemer Compfight CC
Shemer Compfight CC

The problem with Margaret Sanger is not that she opposed birth, but that she opposed babies. Would that Christians saw babies like Jesus does.

Rose Marie Stone stepped in it recently when she, a blogger carried byChristianity Today, wrote a brief piece in praise of contraception. That, of course, won’t get you in much trouble with many audiences. The deeper problem was that in making her case, she held up Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, as something of a hero, however wrong she might have been in eugenics. This was, in a manner of speaking, a social faux pas, a rhetorical fail, on par with observing that while Hitler had his issues, at least he got the trains to run on time.

While I am perfectly willing to call foul on Ms. Stone’s strategy (and to their credit, her editors at Christianity Today apologized), I believe the connection between the two runs deeper than we think. While there is a right and proper wedge that separates abortion and contraception, the former being the intentional murder of a human life, the latter the intentional avoidance of a human life, there is something in common as well – in both instances we wish for the absence of the human life.

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