Synthetic Children, Spiritual Orphans, and the Obliteration of Mothers

Are You My Mother? Gerry T, Compfight CC
Are You My Mother? Gerry T, Compfight CC

[Editor’s Note: One of the authors references evolution’s affect on survival due to parental bonds. We disagree with the premise that evolution exists. We do agree that family is key. Filial love is powerful as is the inherit nature which God designed that ties us to our parents, but more so than this is a godly heritage and the bonds of Christianity, faith passed on and shared; an impossibility by homosexual parenting. Any parents, homosexual and otherwise who knowingly, implicitly live outside the will of God will effectively ostracize their children. Natural born or otherwise they will be orphans drifting as is described by the first author of her psychology.]

This past week has seen the outrage generated by parents of donor and invitro-fertilization children following a now-infamous Panorama magazine interview conducted with the fashion designers Dolce & Gabbana, wherein Domenico Dolce proclaimed, “You are born to a mother and a father — or at least that’s how it should be. I call children of chemistry, synthetic children.” Immediately, Elton John advocated a boycott of the designers’ products in retaliation for the perceived offense against his two sons, who were conceived via an egg donor and surrogate mother.

Speaking as two donor-conceived young women—alive because of reproductive technologies—we felt an urgent need to respond…in support of Dolce and  Gabbana.

I am indeed a human being. My liver, heart, hair, and enzymes all work the same. I’ve discovered it is my psychology that is different and not-quite-right, due to my conception. It’s not a matter for doctors to fix; it’s a spiritual problem. My father accepted money, and promised to have nothing to do with me. My mother was wonderful and I have always loved her deeply, as she has loved me. But my journey is a battle against the void left by my father’s absence, and a particular disability in understanding the difference between sacred and commercial, exploitation and cooperation. Those torments for me far outweigh any social stigma or momentarily painful gossip I’ve endured from ignorant people.

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2 thoughts on “Synthetic Children, Spiritual Orphans, and the Obliteration of Mothers

  1. I wish you would have left the word ‘synthetic’ out. I don’t find that to be theological sound. Are their fake people? You can disagree with the parent’s choice without serving a mental blow to the child- who has nothing to do with it. I would at least like to know how you rationalize using the word.


  2. Interesting to compare the situation of these children with children adopted at birth. When these children come of a certain age, they start asking where they came from – and the [adoptive] parents find that pretty uncomfortable.

    An earlier age wanted to obliterate both the biological father and the biological mother. We don’t do that now, but adoption has its own psychological challenges.


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