“There is no stronger bond than that between mother and child”

[Editor’s note: Primal bond, is obviously an evolutionary term we wouldn’t normally use here. God created a wonderfully amazing bond between mother and child and deserves the credit.]

Last week the anniversary of an old injustice and the prospect of a new injustice came together and challenged us. March 21 was the second anniversary of the National Apology for Forced Adoption. In 2013 our then Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, spoke movingly to the nation about “the most primal and sacred bond there is: the bond between a mother and her baby”.

Our then Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, also affirmed “there is no stronger bond than that between mother and child”.

Both leaders apologised for a misguided policy that had broken this primal bond and caused ongoing grief to mothers and children.

How hypocritical, then, that last Thursday a new policy to break that primal bond was scheduled to come before the Senate. It was a policy that would institute marriage without a woman, and so create families without a mother. Senator David Leyonhjelm’s Freedom to Marry Bill 2014 was withdrawn from the Senate at the last minute, in the face of two million emails urging the Government to keep marriage between man and woman.

The Bill will return and, if passed, would be a coldly calculated decision to abolish a mother from the lives of any future children created within two-man ‘marriage’. The most primal and sacred bond would be broken again.

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