I’m Single. Is Jesus Enough?

Robert Tewart Compfight CC
Robert Tewart Compfight CC

If, like me, you’re single and crying out not to be, you’ve probably heard at some point or other (perhaps many times) something like this: You should find your satisfaction in Christ, rather than hoping to have that ache inside filled by a future spouse.

It sounds so right. And that’s because it is, in one sense, absolutely true. Jesus should be our all-in-all. He should be enough.

But there’s another sense in which I think it’s wrong to give us singles the impression that Jesus can satisfy that stab we feel inside when we look at someone else’s wedding photos or hold someone else’s baby.

Let me explain.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Single. Is Jesus Enough?

  1. A good read. Having heard this all too often when I was younger – “God won’t let you get married until you’re content to be single” – all it did was dump a heap of false guilt on me, and left me feeling very “judged”.

    There’s a related issue which the author could tackle; how to help people who are not married and not going to be, come to terms with this situation. Trite comments like, “oh, it’s just the sovereignty of God”, will /not/ be a good place to start; as they generally come from people whose experience of the sovereignty of God, will not generally have extended to their being single for all their born days.


    1. There is a little bit of discussion happening on our facebook page if you’re interested. https://www.facebook.com/LadiesAgainstFeminism?ref=hl

      I would have to say I agree with you. It’s often been the case over here that a works righteousness has been pressed upon singles that they might earn spouses. “Am I not perfect enough yet?” is not an uncommon statement. After years spent focusing on the spiritual one grows to find that so many imperfect people are married and blessed in marriage. The “God won’t let you get married until your content to be single” statement is often something that is thrown in our faces in order to push the topic to the back burner.


  2. I think the start of the solution is as simple as telling people: Marriage is a gift, not a reward. Otherwise, you also run the risk of single Christians reacting like the proverbial Elder Brother: (Lk 15:25ff).

    Another hot potato is sexual purity: I am all for it, but not to the point that someone with a ‘history’ is judged on the spot of being unworthy of a good Christian marriage. As Oscar Wilde put it, “no sinner without a future; no saint without a past”.


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