Stats Speak Volumes About the Virtue of Marriage Over Cohabitation

TheeErin, Compfight CC
TheeErin, Compfight CC

[Editor’s Note: Sometimes articles like this can be discouraging to single parents or children growing up in broken homes. These stats are speaking of wide spread generalizations and are not an account of grace, protection, and provision that God promises to those who are faithful to Him and who find themselves affected by degenerating relationship standards.]

The American College of Pediatricians recently published a paper, Cohabitation, which cautions adolescents and young adults about the negative consequences of cohabitation for both themselves and their children, and urges parents to teach their children about the advantages of waiting until marriage.

More young people are now first cohabiting than are marrying without prior cohabitation, yet research shows that, rather than being a stepping-stone to a healthy marriage, living together before marriage (cohabitation) makes couples more likely to break-up and more likely to divorce if they do marry. It results in lower marital satisfaction and increased negative communication. Cohabiting couples spend less time together; men are more likely to spend their time on personal pleasure than do married men.

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