Fund for Widowed New Mother of 8

roganPlease donate and/or help this go viral.

Mike and Niki Rogan, were driving to the hospital early this morning [4/17/2015] with their seven children, in anticipation of welcoming an eighth child into their beautiful family.

On the way, an oncoming car hit a deer which was thrown into the Rogans’ vehicle.  Mike did not survive the accident. Niki and the children survived with only minor injuries. Niki gave birth to their son, Blaise, hours after the accident.

Donate via here

UPDATE: If you’d prefer to send a check to support the Rogan family mail it to this address:

Rogan Fund
PO Box 5132
Wausau, WI 54402-5132

You can send cards, flowers, etc to St. Mary’s Oratory:

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