Are Your Children Ready For the Future?

Learning to Care Series , by Stephanie Cone

Editor’s note: Demographers are projecting that your children will have quite a weight to bear in future. Are they ready?

Claims the West is declining due to low fertility rates are exaggerated according to a new study by the University of Oxford.  It is a hopeful finding.  Although, on closer inspection I’m not sure how comforting it is that the study seems to simply identify that non-Western countries are in an even worse position, rather than finding that the West is in a good one.

[T]he study finds that the future of the developing world is not so “manageable”, and things are in fact worse than the common narrative would have us believe.  It argues that the impact of political and social instability is understated and that, while some developing countries have consistent population growth, others are experiencing rapid fertility decline leading to severe levels of population aging. Different political and social systems mean that developing countries will find it more difficult to react to demographic change than the West, and “traditional patriarchal and familist cultures may depress fertility rates to unhelpfully low levels”.

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