Trending back toward traditional family economics?

nchoz Compfight CC
nchoz Compfight CC

Bloomberg brings us new stats:

Feminism increased the share of dual income families in the 70’s and 80’s but it plateaued in the mid 90’s. Now is falling back down. The decrease in dual income families until the recent recession show in increase in single income families lead by both men and women. But the majority are lead by men. Five times more than women actually. After the small recession spike in single income families more women went back home. Men on the other hand stayed in the work force.

For all the talk of shifting gender dynamics within the American nuclear family, surprisingly little has changed when it comes to who brings home the bacon.

Only 5.6% Of households have female breadwinners and the number is declining back to pre-recession levels. It jumped a little and immediately fell back down. This seems to indicate financial necessity rather than feministic principle.

There are more single income families now than there was in 1994. Male sole bread winning households are more stable than female soul bread winning households, as they maintain a steady  thre percentage-point range over the last two decades.

Of all those who married with children more women stayed out of the work force than men. 86% of those women who have stayed out of the workforce did so to raise children compared to 24% of fathers siting the same reason.

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