Motherhood and the Maintenance of Our Christian Liberties


Happy Mother’s Day from all of us here at Beautiful Womanhood (LAF). We thank you for your dedication, support, and understanding of Motherhood’s significant and sustaining role in our country as well your influence on the individuals and loved ones you daily invest your lives in. God bless you all!

Liberty is ever in danger of degenerating into license, where the people, at their pleasure, make or unmake their own laws; and if, in  the old world, there are obstacles in the way of moral advancement, there are others, albeit of a different nature, in this country. We are the occupants of a vast continent, where each individual has ample room for his wildest schemes of [personal] ambition–forests are, even yet, to be felled–the busy hammer of the artisan is still held in constant requisition to supply the simplest wants of civilized life, experiment succeeds experiment, in order that sound principles of government, suited to the new condition of things, may be discovered and tested–and our laws, changing from day to day, insensibly assume the character, for good or for evil, of those who frame them–all is unfinished–every thing is unsettled–and each head and hand is over tasked in eager efforts after competence or aggrandizement. If, in this, confusion, sound morals be forgotten, if principles of expediency be substituted for truth, how is the current misrule to be checked? What power is there to throw back the tide of vice, in its desolating progress towards the rising generation? We have the Scriptures, the pulpit, and sometimes the press, but a power is wanted which shall apply more closely the principles they inculcate…[T]his sacred trust must devolve upon the mothers, who, by their fitness of constitution, must have been designed by their Creator, from the beginning, to be the educators of mankind…If the mothers of our country be but faithful to themselves and to their children, we may then hope for the maintenance of our liberties; for they will train up good and faithful citizens, who, by the enactment of wise laws, will sustain the cause of order and of Christianity.

Excerpt from The Education of Mothers: or Civilization of Mankind by Women, preface to the American editionby L. Aime-Martin  Philadelphia, Oct. 30th, 1843

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