Israel Wayne: The Perfect Family Syndrome

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When I attend Christian conferences, I like to sit in on as many of the other speakers as I can. Sometimes, my workshop schedules prohibit this, but I like to check out the ideas of others. One session I attended featured a woman speaker addressing other parents. After a few minutes, she made the statement, “I’d like us to look at the ‘Proverbs 31 woman.’” The lady in front of me leaned over to her friend and said, “I hate that ‘Proverbs 31 woman’!” I laughed out loud at such an impromptu statement, but her remark was actually quite telling.

I’ve heard dozens of people comment on how they hate magazine and book covers graced by “perfect” families. Every child smiling, every hair in place, and everyone in matching outfits (which are clean by the way). One lady told me, “Those images don’t reflect where I live. I have rowdy children and peanut butter on the walls.” Even if those pictures don’t reflect our personal experience, why do we rebel against them and despise them? Is it because we believe the cover family is being hypocritical? Or is it because we fear they may be genuine?

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2 thoughts on “Israel Wayne: The Perfect Family Syndrome

  1. There’s no such thing as a ‘ perfect’ family, and it is foolish to portray yourself as having one.

    Just ask the Duggars.


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