How To Practice Biblical Discipline

biblicaldisciplineMost American parents do not know how to parent. Some perpetuate patterns of anger and unbiblical violence against their children. A larger number of parents fail entirely to discipline, to admonish, and to lead their children. In both cases the results are disastrous, and they are all around us — angry children, rebellious children, wild children, and broken children, — children that rule over their parents, and parents who are at war with their children. But the Bible speaks extensively to this issue of discipline within the home, and it provides hope that when we obey what the Scriptures say, by God’s sovereign grace, we can hope to raise delightful children for the glory of God and to see peace reign within our homes. Geoffrey Botkin examines the critical issues of biblical discipline within the home, the challenges of wisely employing such discipline in a world driven by the false religious worldview of modern psychology, which the professing church has largely embraced. His seven children share their experiences of and gratitude for the loving biblical discipline of their parents.

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