Scriptural Foundations and True Education

PARENTS READINGFor most American parents, schooling is something done by the government for the sake of the parent. Schooling is something done to children who are being prepared to serve the government’s planned economy. Parents participate in schooling by giving their children to the government, and schooling takes place as the dominant activity in the lives of the children, community, and local economy.

Unfortunately, in this world of schooling, education does not happen, and some children know it does not happen.

This is partly why young American school children are hateful toward grown-ups. They know the culture of schooling is an artificial and dishonest culture of exploitation, indoctrination, political folly, and institutionalized deception. They don’t want to go along with this but are made captives to these empty traditions of men. They are given no alternatives in our disintegrating culture but mindless compliance or surly rebellion. This is why many young people are ashamed, angry and dangerous, and why American homes are unhappy, fragmented places of confused conflict. Families don’t function well in the artificial, dishonest world of total government control.

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