Mercatornet: Sorry, feminism is not about choice

A METEOR SHOWER compfight CC Flicker
A METEOR SHOWER compfight CC Flicker

[Editor’s Note: Feminism will never understand womanhood until it leaves of (read ‘repents’) it’s self-focus (read ‘feminism’) and looks to God (‘nature’ as she puts it), what He created in woman, what he planned for her well-being and future (that which ultimately gives direction and design by limiting her ‘freedom’). We’ve for years worked to answer the questions this author has left her readers wondering about without answers. Please see our archives. Glad to see someone thinking critically out there. She’s concluded, however, that we still need man-centered autonomy that offers a side-glance to ‘nature’ (read ‘God’). Not good enough! ‘Nature’ and ‘meaning’ can only be understood by submitting to the One who created and defined all things. His wisdom far exceeds ours. Understanding His thoughts about what He created in woman, understanding His standards of sin and righteousness shapes our thinking in a way feminism never can. God must be our ultimate authority and it is then we’ll not only see rightly, we’ll life the blessed life through the work of Jesus Christ. Eph. 2:10 Something mankind-centered feminism will never be able to offer.]

When it comes to women’s issues, liberal feminism has taught us well: the only real good is choice itself. Feminism has moved from an analysis and critique of discrimination against women, to a ruthless [defense] of individualism and choice, particularly in relation to anything related to sex and the body. Women’s liberation has been reduced to a series of personal statements about whether women like or dislike aspects of themselves and their lives. Conversations about pornography, prostitution, reproductive technologies, surrogacy, abortion, and even genital mutilation have all been framed in this way; if a woman chooses to engage in these activities this is her prerogative. Choice feminism is all personal rights and no responsibility — it asks nothing of you and delivers nothing in return.

What results is an inability to [criticize] the deficiencies of existing social systems or “call out” institutions that hold women back. It is based on the myth that equality for women has already been achieved. It follows that if women are never victims then neither is there a perpetrator and inevitably those responsible for holding women back are never held accountable. It also becomes impossible to cite evidence and research around the lives of women engaging in activities such as prostitution. The choice itself is defended; whether a choice is inherently good or bad for women is treated as irrelevant.

Read the rest here [for mature readers]

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