CH: The Plot To Sterilise the World’s Poor


First it was eugenics – now, under the guise of environmentalism, governments across the world are trying to force the poor and ‘culturally backward’ not to [have children].

Documents seized by human rights investigators detail how health workers [in Peru] were paid bounties to “capture” women, some as young as 20 and childless, for sterilisation. Some, speaking only indigenous languages with no words for “tubal ligation”, had no idea what was being done to them. Others were threatened and cajoled, told they would be denied food aid or disqualified from medical care if they refused. It is now apparent that the poor and the indigenous population were specifically targeted and that there may have been a national security dimension to the campaign. Peru was facing at the time a terrorist threat from the Maoist Shining Path guerrilla group, and military documents from the period advocate the sterilisation of “surplus beings” from “culturally backward and impoverished groups” as part of a strategy of terrorist prevention.

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