The Truth Comes Out: Repentance From Homosexuality

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[Editor’s Note: The law is a school master and this article reveals that truth. Readers should take note of two things. We don’t choose Christ. He chooses us. Our hope s in Him and Him alone who is faithful. Our dependence is on Him and the transforming powers He alone has over sin. There is no need to continue in sin when grace abounds toward us in Jesus Christ.

Secondly, we are grateful to the author for acknowledging what God created in nature and speaking so carefully and eloquently on the topic. But the testimony is lacking the revelation of Jesus Christ and the grace to overcome same sex attraction. There is freedom from the bondage and temptation to sin. Moral law is instructive but does not transform the heart. It is not our work binding ourselves to the law of God, it is the fruit of the workings of grace which allows for full repentance of sin, inwardly and outwardly, as well as continued sanctification.]

Reason led me to acknowledge natural law, which led me to begin rejecting some of my former ways of thinking and acting. Reason alone was enough to lead me to change the direction of my life. Then quite amazingly, natural law and reason working together led me to recognize and acknowledge God’s existence. And once I acknowledged God’s existence, again there was only one reasonable thing to do: I asked Jesus Christ to take the throne of my life, and I began to reject the emptiness of my self-centered ways.

The true ideas I embraced had positive consequences in my life. When I look back on my earlier life, I see the converse is also true. As I first stepped out of the closet in the 1990s, I made a conscious decision to ignore natural law. Once I made that choice, I could not stop. Untethered from natural law, I could not draw a line regarding my behavior, nor could I justify making any sort of judgment regarding the behaviors of others. Should I condemn lending my tacit approval to the prostitution of young men and women and reject viewing pornography? Why? Should gay couples invite a third man into their bed? Sure, why not? Should gay partners who declare themselves monogamous be okay with having casual sexual encounters with other men? Sure! Committed throuples? Why not? Public nudity, group sex, sex in public? Who was I to judge?

As I observe the deteriorating trajectory of this nation’s judicial system, I am reminded of my own past. It’s hard to predict if and where our judges might draw the line on marriage and gender issues. They have rejected the solid foundation of natural law, leaving the whole house rickety and unsound, vulnerable to the slightest wind of political correctness or sophistry. And just as with the poor decisions I once made, children will be collateral damage, bearing the unintended negative consequences.

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