Christian Action: Does the US Supreme Court’s Re-Definition of Marriage Really Matter?

the_pink_agendaWith the US Supreme Court’s decision and the extraordinary pressures to re-define marriage and accommodate the demands by gay activists for homosexual unions to be accepted as “marriage”, many are asking: Well, what difference does it make?the pink agenda

Revolutionary Agenda

Fourteen years ago Africa Christian Action published the landmark book: The Pink Agenda – Sexual Revolution in South Africa and the Ruin of the Family, warning that their agenda was to work towards “homosexual marriages”. At that time, the gay community vigorously denied that this was their plan.

Radical Social Engineering

The Pink Agenda documented, from the homosexual’s own writings, that they have a radical social engineering project, not merely to have the deviant declared normal, but to have the normal declared deviant. The stated goal of radical homosexuals is to force all of society – beginning in primary schools – to conform to sexual deviancy.

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