Rosaria Butterfield on Repentance and Renewal

Foreseeing the ruling by SCOTUS, God raised up for His glory and for the well being of the body of Christ, Rosaria Butterfield, a fascinating and intelligent woman but most importantly a woman saved and transformed by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. Rosaria unashamedly meets the apologetic of the homosexual agenda with truth and biblical wisdom. She is studied and careful and she is defeating what she once called wisdom, as a homosexual, feminist, liberal college professor educating students to follow the designs of Marxism.

As we have often said here, feminism seeks to conform mankind to their will. Rosaria was doing just that. She’d constructed carefully what she thought was a principled and intellectually honest life. She was living it. She was teaching it. She was defending it.

She notes that the root of her homosexuality is one shared with feminists. The root was pride exampled in the fact that she did not want a man to have rights to or authority over her body. She expounds on how God providentially worked to bring her to an understanding of Genesis 3 and original sin. If original sin were real, than there was also a very real possibility that what she thought were principled presuppositions were faulty. Romans 1:21-27 defined clearly for her what her whole life potentially was and if it were true, Genesis 3 and Romans 1 not only served as bookends for her life but they were the explanation of what ailed all of mankind. She was finding answers which her liberal homosexual feministic worldview had failed to answer.

Now she affirms and teaches we must live by the will of God through Christ Jesus alone. She has a deep and rich testimony everyone needs to hear. Rosaria is the workmanship of Christ with a message perfectly timed. The recent ruling by SCOTUS is a wave on a tide a long time coming. Feminism sought to move our understanding of womanhood, (and along with many other things,) from a moral and historical one as created by God, by politicizing womanhood using the sexual liberation movement.  What feminism started, the homosexual agenda is attempting to finish.

Playing at politics will not save us, nor movements, or rallies. All the manipulative mechanics of the liberal agendas of our century are powerless in light of the rule and reign of Jesus Christ. God has made this evident through Rosaria Butterfield. Establishing godly governments, covenanting as church bodies, not built on dead works, but subject to a living Savior, building and raising up purposeful families that understand what God created in woman, in man, along with our subsequent roles and jurisdictions, families who maintain and protect a vision to establish God’s kingdom by the rule of the same risen Savior Rosaria testifies so eloquently to, that is our hope.

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