From the Archives: A Review of Chucking College by Melanie Ellison

chuckingcollege By Jennie Chancey

Melanie Ellison has just published a little gem of a book that will challenge old notions of “higher” education and point readers to a better (and far less expensive) path. Melanie has done homeschool grads (and, truly, all high school students) a great favor by pulling together research, analysis of modern educational trends, and personal stories from the battlefront of “higher” education. If you’re standing at the fork in the road wondering which way to go, grab a copy of Chucking College today. Or if you’re a parent who isn’t sure what alternatives are out there to the (expensive) brick-and-mortar option, please read this book. Below is a short excerpt from this excellent book:

What will it profit a girl if she gains the whole world but loses her soul, her lifetime financial freedom, her purity, her love of reading, her unique individuality, her entrepreneurial momentum, and four peak years of her life? A college degree may no longer be worth the world to us when we see what we have to surrender for it. The costs for that piece of paper—financial, emotional, spiritual, and temporal—rise higher with every graduation. When we really think it over, a degree may not be necessary to equip us for each of our life purposes. Many college graduates discover (after the fact) that a degree was not a prerequisite for their success. Having to spend all one’s time jumping through an institution’s contemporarily-hip course hoops makes it very difficult to find the time to master domestic skills we will need as first ladies in our future homes. If a young woman spends four to eight years debating worldly philosophy and studying for a career, she is simply not going to possess as much competence in running a home and living a life of self-sacrifice for her man and her babies as the young woman who has been practicing those skills daily. College saps valuable time from preparing for the life many of us hope to live someday—that of a wife and mother. Admittedly, college does have attractive benefits, but not without costs that most often far outweigh them. When family and friends say, “You’re strong enough to keep your faith through college! You won’t become one of those statistics!” how do you know? Satan fell from heaven and Eve fell from the Garden of Eden! Our hearts are deceitful, and they seek excuses to sin. “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall,” warns 1 Corinthians 10:12. If we truly believe that college is often a type of Sodom, then longing for it could be as deadly for us as it was for Lot’s wife, when she looked back. Sodom, her home, was similar to college with all its attractions, stimulations, and ventures into the thrills of the world. She must have despised what was ahead of her by comparison—life in a cave. It was when she doubted the value of her forthcoming life of hardship that she longed for the familiarity she had with the worldliness of Sodom—”the treasures of Egypt,” so to speak. She looked back when she stopped looking ahead to her reward. We can take encouragement from the historical fact that the Messiah Himself stayed home, subjected to His earthly authority until he was thirty years old! He neither moved out on His own, nor went to college. And we think it stretches us to be at home, single when we’re in our 20’s? The Author and Perfector of our faith did it! The enemy desperately wants to get us young ladies out from the protection of our fathers’ homes. That is why we sometimes feel the draw to think that anywhere else would be more productive than being at home. He wants to destroy us, and cannot access us as easily while we remain under authority. Realizing this can help us feel validated at home, and help us move on to be productive (have entrepreneurial businesses and ministries, and exercise hospitality) from the hub of our home. Skipping college does not imply that we are to also give up on advanced education or perfecting our talents. Skills are vitally important to bring glory to the Name of God. Excellence is a work’s glory. So we must look for unique ways to develop skills without necessarily conforming to the college cookie-cutter pattern. Training and education do exist outside the liberal college package.


Go to to discover how skipping college may be the best educational decision you ever make.

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