Is There A Contraception Conspiracy?

contraception conspiracy

[Editor’s note: It’s not that hard to believe in conspiracy any more. While theorists are often characterized as building a false reality on a lot of speculation and little investigation and stirring up fears,  facts remain difficult things as Planned Parenthood just learned. Evil exists because the depravity of man exists. Whether we’re in the NFP or quiverful camp, we’re all too well acquainted with the facts and repeated examples that contraception is an unhealthy and unwise choice for women.]

As early as 1930, asbestos manufacturers knew that asbestos was potentially harmful to their employees, those who installed their products and those living around the products. In 1932, a doctor reported that 29% of the workers at one Johns-Manville plant were suffering from asbestosis. But getting away from asbestos would have meant huge costs for the construction industry and, in the end, the consumer. So the manufacturers felt justified in covering up the fact and lobbying the media and the government to keep the status quo. There is always a “good reason,” a “good excuse.” This situation continued until 1989, when the EPA finally banned the product.

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