Family Edge: Medicating Womanhood

Birth-Control-pf-300x225Why… should pregnancy diminish a woman’s dignity or her rights in the world?  And if this is indeed the case, why is it the woman who must remain child free in order to thrive?

The Pill does not advance women’s rights. It normalizes the idea that women shouldn’t be fertile, let alone pregnant. As evidence, see how major corporations like Apple and Facebook have the chutzpah today to offer women egg freezing as a job “perk.” In reality, this highlights how little we are willing to incorporate pregnancy into the working world.

The Pill: Stridently pitched as being in favour of women’s rights, it simultaneously puts women into a disadvantaged position. Women who want to have children must negotiate this desire at work with their employers and at home with their partners who are often comfortably uninterested. Then there’s the negotiation you never win with the biological realities of Mother Nature. Extended education and job training most often mean women are left to conjure up pregnancy at an age when it is far more difficult or impossible.  The bitterness of the Pill is that almost universally, women don’t care about age-induced infertility until they are experiencing it.

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