Tell the Smithsonian: Eugenicist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was NOT a champion of justice


The Smithsonian Institute’s National Portrait Gallery in the nation’s capital is honoring Planned Parenthood founder, doctrinaire racist, and black eugenicist Margaret Sanger in its “Struggle for Justice” exhibit. The exhibit, which purports to honor “great achievements … striking down long-standing segregationist practices and discrimination in American society,” features Sanger’s bust alongside eminent champions of equal rights and justice, Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. Ms. Sanger may have been a lot of things, but a “champion of justice and equal rights” she was not.

Last week, a group of black pastors sent an open letter to the Gallery, asking that the likenesses of Margaret Sanger be removed from NPG exhibits. We must stand with these pastors to ensure that Margaret Sanger is NOT honored in the National Portrait Gallery’s “Struggle for Justice” exhibit!

Sign the petition here

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