AiG: The Evolution of Childbirth?

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Editor’s note: I love this. It flies in the face of a Brave New World and the direction feminism is taking to foster fear and the delay of child birth.

Sara Sklaroff’s “The Evolution of Childbirth—A Horror Story” reflects the secular worldview that says evolution “designed” the supposedly inferior process of human birth.

Sara Sklaroff’s review of Tina Cassidy’s book Birth: The Surprising History of How We Are Born for the Seattle Times, “The Evolution of Childbirth—A Horror Story,” reflects the secular worldview that says evolution“designed” the supposedly inferior process of human birth.

The statement “evolution found a balance” elicits a déjà vu to Jurassic Park’s declaration that evolution “found a way.” The unique features of the human birth process (when viewed from a biblical perspective), however, lose their superficial appearance of inferiority and instead reveal a marvelous design suited to the upright-walking human anatomy. Furthermore, a biblical perspective reveals our present groaning and travailing (a Romans 8:22 word choice particularly suited to the subject under discussion) to be the after-effects of the Curse incurred by Eve in Genesis 3.

Eve was a real woman designed by God with the ability to enjoy easy labors producing healthy babies to do her part in filling the earth. (In essence, Eve was the obstetrician’s dream patient, with a guaranteed good outcome without complications. Of course, had Eve remained in her original state she also would have been a guarantee of the obstetrician’s unemployment.)

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