MercatorNet: The Joys of Parenting

hayleesherwood Compfight CC
hayleesherwood Compfight CC

There are some great conclusions here. One, it’s feminism making women unhappy not children. We can’t have it all. In our arrogance and pride we’ve bought into the idea that we can fill both a man and woman’s roles, sometimes even at the same time, sometimes through delaying our calling and life work of motherhood until we’ve made our way without men.

The reference to ‘production mentality’ of a capitalist society is an assumption I think in error. Socialism makes all into workplace worker bees. Capitalism liberates through entrepreneurship respecting many business models, including cottage industry or home-based productivity which doesn’t divide the family but builds it along with connectivity, which is now missing, in local communities.

And lastly, who doesn’t want to kiss those cheeks?

By Shannon Roberts

[I]t is also true that mothers now seem to find themselves more isolated from family and other mothers.  This is in part because many mothers head back to work pretty quickly, meaning there is no longer a network of women and families around as much during the day to offer support, companionship and an arm to hold your baby once in a while. Children are unable to run free around the neighbourhood, being intermittently looked after by other mothers at home, as our grandmothers seem to remember was the case in their day.  Career competes with child-rearing much more than it ever has in the past for women, leaving many feeling conflicted about sacrifices they are making by giving up work and torn in many directions. We have likely been told we can ‘do anything’ career wise at school, and rarely if ever advised that we should also consider the one day reality of children.  It can come as a shock to new mums to suddenly be submerged in the earthy reality of natural biology, nappies and feeding and a little being that doesn’t subscribe to schedules or plans.

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