Life Site News: Procurement Companies Reveal Financial Details

The video also reveals that organ brokers vying with one another for access to Planned Parenthood’s “volume” of aborted babies’ body parts sometimes boast that, by paying taxes, they fund the abortion giant.

Cate Dyer, who worked for ABR before starting StemExpress, said she cited the fact that her company is a for-profit corporation – as opposed to ABR, which does not pay taxes – in an attempt to convince Planned Parenthood facilities to work with her.

Dyer reveals she would tell Planned Parenthood officials, “I pay tax that actually donates – ends up funding programs back to you guys.”

She said certain Planned Parenthood employees received double compensation, working for ABR, as well. Dyer complained, “For a long time there were certain clinics that, because they had paid advisers that were sitting on boards for these clinics, that were also an advisor to ABR, you were just never going to go anywhere [but] with them.”

Perrin also discussed taxpayer funding of abortion. she said that federal policy had focused on banning taxpayer funding of embryonic stem cell research, but medical experimentation on aborted cadavers “got lost in the mix,” so ABR “continued to send tissue to people like NIH [National Institutes of Health], even though the government was paying for it.”

“Now they’re trying to make abortion illegal, and that’s where we get our tissue,” Perrin said.

She said the company tries to be “politically correct” to avoid attracting legal scrutiny.

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