How Christianity’s Attitude Toward Justice and Taxes Led to the SCOTUS Ruling on Gay Marriage

gaymarriageBy Martin G. Selbrede

There has been no end of Christian punditry directed against the recent Supreme Court ruling concerning marriage. We’ve heard disputes about definitions (“whatever else it is, it’s not a marriage”), bald citations of the appropriate Biblical texts, commentary on anti-Christian agendas, tirades against “legislating from the bench,” opposition to federalizing a state matter, tradition, values, faith, etc. And each of these critique strategies doubtless contains an element of truth.

However, they fall short in addressing the actual root of the matter. And this deficiency is manifest in this one fact: that the precipitating cause for this catastrophe would remain untouched if the ruling were to be rolled back.

This situation evolved out of the church’s antinomian attitude toward justice and economics. This needs to be unpacked to properly understand how we arrived at this juncture.

Three distinct steps had to be taken for the humanists to reverse the tables on the Christian consensus, and we Christians were, as a group, suckered into the whole thing. We made ourselves a prey for our enemies to fall upon and devour. We were the authors of our own worldview’s collapse.

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