Family Edge: Do Women Need To Have Periods?


Using birth control to eliminate menstruation isn’t unsafe, even if some worry it’s “unnatural.” That, readers, is how a recent opinion piece in The Atlantic started, and obviously I was curious to know where this was going. Turns out that more women are keen to use birth control not only to prevent pregnancy, but as a long-term way to avoid their period.

Now this is probably something that women have fallen into over time, without really thinking about what they were doing. But to hear it said like this – basically turning their period on and off as is convenient – scares me. And not only because I’ve heard of so many cases of women who have been on birth control, then stopped taking it to fall pregnant, and it has hasn’t happened (in my opinion, pumping your body with hormones that aren’t supposed to always be there worries me). Why are we so keen to play God and always be in control? Isn’t the natural way the best way?

For me, it’s worrying enough that we don’t have the long-term studies to know what the side-effects or consequences of this might be. But I also thought it best to consult someone who knows what they’re talking about, so I asked Caitlin Byrne, a Sydney-based Fertility Care Practitioner with a Master’s Degree in Reproductive Health Science and Human Genetics.

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