Conservative Woman: The Swedish daycare experiment has been a social disaster


Are you a SAHM, home schooling, and/ or working hard on home-based entrepreneurship? Be glad, because you’re doing it right from the start. You have a lot to look forward to. Stay confident, and learn from the failure of feminism in Sweden.

If feminism is the enlightened advanced philosophy of womanhood, why has it caused a multitude of problems? When women espouse the state as god and pursue socialistic solutions to family needs they hand over the family, undermining the leadership of their husbands, neglecting the jurisdiction God designed for women, and not just themselves and they make a grand muck of things.

In 1978, the women’s caucus of the ruling Social Democratic Party, a party that was in power for the better part of 40 years, published The Family of the Future: A Socialistic Family Policy.

The pamphlet strongly called for state-funded, affordable daycare. The goals were 1) better outcomes in child social development and academic achievement, 2) class equity, and 3) gender equity (or, as they put it, the liberation of women from their maternal instincts).

The results are not good.

Read the rest here

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