Mercatornet: Celibate mothers carry forward the sexual revolution

Aitor Aranda/Flickr: ais (cropped) CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

[Editor’s note: Feminist doctrine is predicated upon fear which can create a female-only comfort zone, which, ironically, isn’t really all that comfortable. No one can live without love. The self imposed solitary confinement is sustained by concessions and substitutions. Live with a man? Fine, but don’t marry him.  Lesbianism? that’s okay. Make children out of your pets? That’s okay. Got the cash and was a child? That’s okay! As long as you remember what our feminist mothers taught us, “You don’t need a man. Be strong and independent. You’re better , smarter, and you can’t trust a man anyway.” With sex selective abortion and sperm banks, feminists can achieve their long held goal of dominating society.]

Their child will not be the fruit of a loving relationship, or indeed of any human relationship. Admittedly, single-motherhood-by-choice has become a familiar option in the sexual revolution. But most people have presumed that single women who had recourse IVF are or were in a relationship of some kind. Some scraps of the notion that children deserve both a mother and a father remain. Even women who say that they had failed to find Mr Right were at least searching for him.

In short, these are women who want a child but no intimacy and no love. Josephine Quintavalle, of the group Comment on Reproductive Ethics, nailed it when she told the Mail:

“What is the child for these women? A teddy bear that they pick off the shelf? The message from nature is for a male and female to have a child, and I am saddened that we are willing to distort this. The diminished role of the father is not desirable for the child. Once you start down this route, where do you stop?”

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