MercatorNet: Do We Need Fertility Education?


[Editor’s note: The responsibility of education falls to parents not the state. A statist system will always put itself first. But this article does reveal a severe lack of understanding when it comes to basic biology. Some which feminism worked so hard to cover-up, deny, and manipulate. God’s design is perfect however. ]

[M]en can father children well into old age (for example, Charlie Chaplin fathered a child at the age of 73). A woman, however, has a limited supply of eggs in her ovaries at birth and cannot produce new ones, so that her “biological clock” runs much more quickly than a man’s. This now causes “obvious imbalance and tension between the sexes”. As Pacey states:

“When couples were still having their babies at 20 these differences didn’t really matter. But within a generation, most developed countries have seen an increase in the age at which men and women start to have children. Typically in the UK, first-time parents are now over 30. Each year this age rises still further. There will come a point, however, at which the average age couples start to try to become parents will be incompatible with their reproductive biology.” (Emphasis added.)
As we delay having children we are coming up against some hard biological facts.

Unfortunately, people tend to be averse to having uncongenial facts pointed out to them and would rather shoot the messenger. –

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