Empowerment vs. Grace


Feminism is based on empowerment which encourages the elevation of women by a ‘strength’ (read pride and self will) rooted in mankind. The strength of biblical womanhood is rooted and founded in Christ, alone. It is in Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28. This is the first principle of religion. He chose us. We didn’t choose Him. Choice is a misnomer to the feminist. The feminist doctrine of Women’s Choice motivated Eve to embrace empowerment by which all mankind is now born in sin of which there is no escaping. By the feminist doctrine of choice women have torn down their own households, making them unfriendly and hostile to true faith in the spirit of liberation and egalitarianism. By the feminist doctrine of choice, women have killed their own children in the name of empowerment and equality as if to unshackle themselves, perceiving men to be similarly liberated. But all of mankind is beholden to Jesus Christ. Only in Christ are we made whole. In Christ we are rendered capable of choosing wisely, of walking obediently, of being elevated in blessings and in christian graces known only to the Christian who is the workmanship of Christ. In Christ, we, wholly dependent on Him, are capable of making beauty in the ash heap of feminism. In Him, families are raised, life created, and we are sustained by His hand, according to His direction, and for His glory unto eternity. Feminism promises earthly rewards it can not deliver. Christ is everything upon this earth an in eternity and by Him we live a newness of life unattainable by any other means. We don’t need feminism. There is no power in the feminist doctrine of choice. We need Christ.

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