Mercatornet: Fighting Back for Love and Fidelity

caitlin_zpstfbaklrdI was in college at Princeton at the time of the founding of the first Anscombe Society, and thought what they were doing was probably a pretty good thing, but I didn’t really understand the need for it. I bought into plenty of the lies of the hook up culture. Didn’t most people in the hook up culture like it? Who was it really hurting, anyway? Didn’t they grow out of it and figure out how to date and establish healthy relationships that would become healthy marriages?

Well, it didn’t take much time after graduation to discover that wasn’t true – and that the me-first or career-first mentality of most graduates (both men and women) devalued marriage, children, and family life – demoting them the status of a mere accessory or lifestyle choice rather than the central arena of human flourishing. I had a day job at a consulting firm, but on the side I started writing about these topics and jumped at the chance to join the Love and Fidelity Network when they approached me about it.

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