Hope is grace. Need it? Ask for it.

CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Compfight K.G. Hawes

A Prayer for Hope. For those in desperate need of it.

Heavenly Father,

My hope is faint today. Help me. Help me to endure when I feel no hope. Forge a hope-producing character in me. Do not let me be ashamed.

By your Scriptures, give me hope and grant that I would be saved by hope. “My hope is in the Lord who gave himself for me” – help me to believe that. Today. Right now.

Lord, you are my hope. I am so often sorely tempted to look for hope in something, someone, anything else. But, by your grace, make me to hope only ultimately in You.

When you saved me, when you gave me new life, when I was born again by the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit, I was born to hope. I need that hope, more than ever, as an anchor for my soul today. I need to enter into the inner sanctuary, where my Savior has gone before, and to know the presence and favor and communion of the one who is my hope. My only hope.

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