First Things: In Moral Labor

Photo credit: Mercatornet, Family Edge
Photo credit: Mercatornet, Family Edge

“What we need is an evaluation that makes sense of both biology and experience. Poor thinking about childbearing obscures important aspects of what it means to be human. Technology has changed childbearing, not only for women employing cutting-edge medical techniques but also for “routine” pregnancies…Philosophical sources, premodern and current, can contribute to this, as can religious voices. The Christian tradition offers insights and a vocabulary that may help us grasp what we are doing in bearing children and how deeply it matters.”

Motherhood is self-denial, hospitality, charity, sacrifice of autonomy, it is stewardship.

“Maternity is not manufacture. A woman carrying a child is not making a baby in the sense that she can control the outcome. She is working together with God in the creation of a new human life, of which she, at end, is not the author.”

“Stewardship returns us to the need to view pregnancy not as the project of a woman and her doctor, but as a couple’s collaboration with God.”

Many good points here. God is sovereign and He only is the author of life.

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