Why We Should Encourage Our Kids to Marry Young

Southern Pines Photography
Southern Pines Photography

Occasionally someone ventures outside the cultural marriage norms and makes the case for getting married young, but generally, it’s ingrained deep within us all that there’s an acceptable age to marry,  and to do so before that is unwise.

But is it?

We admit there’s an epidemic of adults who are over-sized children though the full weight of it hasn’t fully been realized.  But we’re slow to admit where blame lies. And even if we did, would we be willing to shift the paradigm?

I submit two major things are causing adults to delay marriage, negatively impacting their own adulthood and maturity, and ultimately, all of us.

  • The adolescent culture
  • The worship of education

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One thought on “Why We Should Encourage Our Kids to Marry Young

  1. Yes, up to a point. There are some interesting, and challenging, comments on that article, which I would encourage people to read as well.


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