Desiring God: Romantic Love is a Wonderful gift and a Terrible God



The lie says: If you find romantic love, then your life will be safe and fulfilling. So much so that marriage becomes a type of salvation, and romantic love takes on almost redemptive expectations. So what would you say to Christians, either singles or newlyweds, who are in danger of losing awe in God by becoming preoccupied with romantic love?

The first thing I would say to them is that romance is never the cause of a good marriage. Now I am by nature a very romantic man. I like romance, but romance is actually the result of a good marriage. And if you look to romance to form for you a good marriage, you are going to be a freaked out, discouraged, disappointed, ultimately hopeless human being. Why? What is a biblical view of marriage? It is a flawed person married to a flawed person in a fallen world. Are you encouraged yet? But with a faithful God.

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