Wilson: Courtship and Rape Culture

Douglas-Wilson-2Let us begin with what I believe to be a common sense observation, which is that when everything is rape then nothing is.

We live in a time when the truth of much of this is playing out in real time. Let us begin with one side of the equation, which would be the current climate on college campuses created by various certified buttercups, which wants to define rape culture as a giant edifice built out of, among other things, microaggressions, mansplaining, and manspreading. We are rapidly getting to the point where rape culture is any culture with men in it. That drives us in the direction of “everything is rape.”

But what about the “nothing is” part? This is the world where young Muslim men can grope women ad libitum, and the women are the ones blamed, where glorified rape fantasies like 50 Shades sell a kabillion copies to ostensibly liberated women, and where any attractive woman, regardless how modest, every day has to navigate a world catechized by porn.

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